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Import PST into Outlook for Mac 2011
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on Aug 02 2012 08:56 AM
warn If you do not have Outlook for Mac 2011 you can download a MAC version (it's included with your account) with the password provided by ProCirrus Support. If you do not have that password, please contact support. To download Outlook 2010 click here: Outlook 2010 for MAC Download
info You must configure Outlook 2011 for Microsoft Exchange Server before you follow these steps. Connect Outlook for Mac 2011 to Exchange
  1. 1.Click File, and then click Import.
  2. 2.Click to select Outlook Data file (.pst or .olm). Click the right arrow to continue. See Image
  3. 3.Select the kind of file that you want to import, and then click the right arrow to continue. See Image
  4. Locate the .pst file or the .olm file. Select the file, and then click Import. See Image
  5. Click Done. See Image
  6. Additional help is available with this knowledgebase article Microsoft Help

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