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ProManage Mac Installer
Posted by Nick Erkert, Last modified by Cody Suhr on Jun 28 2016 03:56 PM

Please double-click the "ampagent-6.4.522.osx.all.dmg" installer. 

Find the ampagent-6.4.522.osx.all.dmg file in your downloads folder and run it.

Make sure you are connected to the internet while the installer is running.

When you get prompted for a server name during the installation, please use ProManage.ProCirrus.com

NOTE: You can continue working in other applications while the installer is working.


You will be notified that the installer finished, press "OK".  If the installer prompts you with an error please contact support at http://support.procirrus.com

 ampagent-6.4.522.osx.all.dmg (19.96 MB)

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