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MAC Hints for the ProZone
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on Oct 31 2013 04:23 PM

Apply OS (Mac's) devices have been know to have idiosyncratic issues when working with the ProZone (Citrix). The following are some tips that may improve your Mac experience. If the images and steps don't match your device, please visit the Apple knowlegebase for additional help Apple Support

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    To edit your settings, please open the System Preferences dialog from the Apple menu on top left.

    1. Disable the Mac firewall: From preferences menu open Security and Privacy(shown as #1 in System Preferences image above). Under Security option STOP the firewall.
    2. Set Energy Settings on both the Battery and Power Adaptor tabs. Set sleep to Never and UNCHECK the Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible box. To edit your Energy Settings open the Energy Saver option. (shown as #2 in System Preferences image above)
    3. Disable Airport: When possible use an Ethernet connection disable WIFI/AirPort, Ethernet is always a more reliable option for ISP. Also make sure Ethernet is prioritized over AirPort. To edit your Airport/WIFI settings open the Network option (shown as #3 in System Preferences image above).
    4. Disable Parental Controls: Select Parental Controls from the menu (shown as #4 in System Preferences image above). If you prefer not to disable your parental controls you must make sure to allow all ProZone and ProCirrus websites (http://procirrus.com and http://login.procirrus.com) as well as any Citrix related aps for your user account.
    5. Run All Software Updates Select Software Update from the System Preferences menu and run all available software updates.

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