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Installing Local Office 365 Applications
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on Dec 19 2018 03:55 PM

These instructions are for downloading authorized applications under your Microsoft Office 365 ProCirrus Account.  Note there are limits to the number of installations you can have under your account including those installed on your ProCirrus Servers.


How to install Office 365 Applications Locally


  1. Browse to login.microsoftonline.com and login with your user credentials.
  2. The main screen will open, choose "Install Office 201X" 
     Install 365 Aps
  3. You should then see the following screen
  4. A file will be downloaded

  5. Right Click and "Choose Run As Administrator"
  6. Office will automatically install. Watch the screen as to when it completes. 

  7. Once you see this screen you know office is installed


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