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Xink Automatic Signatures
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on May 31 2018 08:48 AM
This article applies to users from firms that have implemented the ProCirrus Xink Signature service.

NOTE: Much of the data in your signature is automatically created from your ProCirrus account.  If any of the data is incorrect, please create a ticket to have it corrected. 

How it works

The ProCirrus Xink Signature service will automatically add your default signature to your outgoing emails from Outlook and other devices (once set up). 

If you have other optional signatures assigned to your by your firm, you can find those under your normal signature drop down in Outlook when creating a new email.

NOTE: If you add manual signatures to your email (once you have in Outlook not your optional ones) you will have duplicate signatures.  Once deployed it is best to test it with an external test recipient. 

Mobile Devices

If you use a a mobile device (iOS, Android & Windows)  we recommend using the Outlook App on that device available at your devices application store.  Once your set up your email account, the signatures should be automatic.

How to connect your device to 365:


On iOS devices (iPhones & iPads)

If you are using the local mail application, Mail for iOS ,  you can set your iOS signature to use your Xink signature.  

NOTE:  When sending from iOS devices, the signature will not be visible when composing - only when received.

On iOS Mail App you must replace the default signature with the following exact code:


To change your signature go to : Settings>Mail>Signature on your device.   Once you make the changes, please test it with an external recipient. 

On Apple Mail on MAC

NOTE:  Depending on your companies security policies, some external mail clients may not be usable.  We recommend always using Outlook from your ProZone when possible.

If you are using Apple Mail on a MAC you will need to do the following:

1) Open a ticket with ProCirrus Support and request an invitation be sent
2) Once you receive your invitation, you will get an access code
3) Once you have your access code, complete the following steps: https://www.xink.io/xink-client-app-mac/

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