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Setting up Mobile Device Management - Android
Posted by Devin Luck, Last modified by Devin Luck on Feb 23 2021 01:12 PM

Note: Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Pixel, Oppo, Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera are all considered "Android" phones. This is because they all run a variant of the Android operating system

What is MDM?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a critical security measure to protect company data, like email, on mobile devices.  It is a common requirement of compliance policies and regulators.   Once enabled it ensures that company data is encrypted and protected by an additional passcode and significantly increased the security of your email on your device.

Below is a video by Citrix showing the download and install of Citrix's Secure Hub.

ProCirrus Instructions to install and configure MDM are listed below:
NOTE:  If you have any other certifications (i.e. Intune) on your phone for managing email, you will need to uninstall them first.  You can see if you have them on your Android phone by navigating to Settings -> General and scroll down to Profiles & Device Management. On a Samsung phone, navigate to Settings > Biometrics & Security > Other Security Settings > Device Admin Apps.

1 - Navigate to the Play Store on your phone (Icon shown above). Search for and install “Citrix Secure Hub” as shown below:

2 - Open the Citrix Secure Hub Application once it has been installed. Icon shown below:

3 - You will be prompted for permission. Select OK:

4 - Select Allow for the Next 3 Prompts to grant secure Hub access to the android phone

5 - Enter mdm.procirrus.com (Not case sensitive) into the UPN,Email, or Server field. Select “Next”:

6 - Select Yes, Enroll if you are prompted to Enroll your device:

7 - Enter your Email credentials

8 - Select Activate to allow the application to install

9 - Create a PIN on your phone which you will use as your password for the app, and confirm it:

Citrix Secure Hub is now installed! – Read Below

MDM Light

MDM Light uses Secure Hub to enroll the phone, and then allows the use of build in mail apps such as the Outlook App, or built in Samsung Mail app, as well as others.

*** If your firm is using MDM – Light, the configuration portion is complete. Now that you have Secure Hub installed and enrolled on your device, you can download Microsoft Outlook from the Play Store, or you can use your built in Email app respective to your deviceSetup your email account through the mail app per the instructions HERE <== Click this link.***

***If you are using the full version of MDM, you will need to follow the steps below, as the Secure Hub as its own secure email app (Secure Mail) that you will need to install to access your email account.***

MDM Suite
MDM Suite uses Secure Hub to enroll the phone, and goes a step further by requiring the use of Secure Mail - A highly secure email app.

Citrix Secure Hub is now installed per the steps above. It is now time to install the Secure Mail app. If you are prompted to install apps - proceed to step 10 below. If not, you will need to manually install the Secure Mail and Secure Web Applications. This is simple to do. Go back to the Play Store where you installed the Secure Hub, and simple search for “Citrix Secure Mail” & “Citrix Secure Web”. Install them both like you would any normal app on your phone. Once you have install them manually, you can skip down this page and continue starting at step 12 to add your account to the Secure Mail App.

You are almost done!

10 - Manually install the apps. Click the menu hamburger (three lines) in the upper left of the screen and select the store Application. This will open the application list shown below:

11 -  Select The app you want (Secure Mail in this case). Click "Add", and then click "Install":

***Note: to install other apps, you can repeat  the same steps. Select the apps, click "Add", and then click "Install". Secure Web is a Web browser available in the Hub. If you are a ShareFile subscriber, you can install that through the Hub as well.***

12 - After Installing Secure Mail you will need to authenticate. Launch the app from the Hub. Enter your email credentials into the requested fields to sign into your account.

You will get a congratulations window if successfully configured. You are done!

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