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Emergency Mailbox Access
Posted by Devin Luck, Last modified by Devin Luck on Apr 26 2021 12:36 PM
In the event of a Microsoft Outage or service issue, as a ProCirrus customer you have access to an Emergency Mailbox system offered through our spam filter system called MailShield. Follow the steps below to access your Emergency Mailbox in the event of an outage to ensure you are never without email:

1. From your ProZone homepage, navigate to the "MailShield Quarantine - ProZone" Icon. If you do not see this listed in your "Favorite" apps, try clicking on "All Apps" up at the top of your ProZone homepage and you will find the icon:

Login to MailShield using the following steps:

  • Type in your email address:

  • Instead of filling in your password, at the bottom select "Sign in with Microsoft"

  • Select your email account from the selection, and you will be signed in:

2. After launching the MailShield, up at the top right of the page you will see a Person/Profile icon. Click on that, and select "Emergency Inbox" from the drop-down menu:

3. Your Emegency Mailbox will appear in a new window:

Note: You have the ability to send and reply to emails through this Emergency Mailbox. This is meant to be used temporarily if you are experiencing an outage through Microsoft 365 services. Outages through Microsoft 365 are rare, but this is another tool at your disposal to continue working and communicating with clients. When services are restored, you want to continue using your Outlook to send and receive emails.

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