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Compliance Archive
Posted by Devin Luck, Last modified by Devin Luck on Jun 09 2021 04:10 PM
Compliance Archive (Email Security Pro)

ProCirrus offers a Compliance Archive as part of Email Security Pro.

There are several advantages of the Compliance Archive.

1)    All email is captured for e-discovery and regulatory compliance.
2)    Users can easily find lost or old emails on their own.
3)    Allows to firm to reduce their Exchange Storage and maintain long-term email storage.

The Compliance Archive captures every email into and out of the firm's email accounts and cannot not be deleted or edited by end users. The emails are stored outside of Exchange on the firm’s private ProCirrus cloud storage. This archive is available to be searched from a web portal launched from your ProZone Homepage.  You can also reach the Archive by clicking a link from your MailShield Reporter Add-in available within Microsoft Outlook.

Accessing your Compliance Archive

1) You can access the Archive by this link found on your ProZone Homepage:

Or this link from the MailShield Reporter Add-In. You can find this Add-in up at the top of your Outlook Ribbon:


2) If you have logged into the MailShield before during your session, it will bring you to step 3. If not, follow these steps below to sign in:

Enter your email address, and click Sign In:

On the next page, click "Sign in with Microsoft" at the bottom. This will automatically sign you in using your ProZone credentials.

3) You are now signed into the MailShield. On the left menu, you will see an option for your Archive:

4) A page will load and you will be signed into your Compliance Archive. You have two options. Search, and Saved Searches:


Saved Searches

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