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COVID 19 Related Ticket Volumes and Remote Access
Posted by Dan Shelton on Mar 16 2020 08:12 AM

Ticket Volumes

As we expected, many firms have decided to disperse and work remotely. Due to this, we have seen a very large spike in tickets caused by users having issues at their remote locations and non-managed computers. 

Though ProCirrus does not expressly support un-managed computers or environments (i.e. home), we are trying to help every user we can during this challenging event.  We are actively triaging support requests by criticality.

So please expect and understand longer ticket response times for non-critical issues like “my second monitor at home isn’t working.”  Though it may take longer, we will keep every ticket open and work them until they are resolved!


Remote Access Reminder

Some firms have restrictions on external access to their environments from outside of the firm’s office.  Before working remotely please confirm with your firms’ administration if  are authorized to work remotely.

If you are able to work remotely and/or need to work on non-managed computers you have two options.

  • Install the full version of Citrix (ProZone) on your local computer by following these steps. Accessing your ProZone - Installing Citrix Receiver
  • If you have issues with the full version of the ProZone please try to use the light mode (web version) of Citrix before reaching out to support. This version runs in your browser so applications will open like webpages.  Some features may not function like the full version.  https://lightmode.procirrus.com/.
In the near term, we expect ticket volumes to continue to increase as more firms, municipalities and ultimately the Federal Government implement increased social distancing requirements.    We will get through this.  Our team is committed to making this as smooth as possible and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding  as we get through this volume.

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