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Chrome Update Issue
Posted by Dan Shelton on May 12 05:27 AM


WHO:    This message is being sent to all ProCirrus users and affects ProZone Users.

WHAT:    The Chrome browser recently updated and is causing issues for ProZone Users.  We have installed the FireFox browser as an alternative on managed computers. We are also adding an additional ProZone link that uses the Firefox browser to provide another ProZone option to Chrome.

You should see (2) two shortcuts on desktops managed by ProCirrus.

(A)    “ProZone Desktop” uses Chrome to access the ProZone.

(B)    “ProZone Firefox” uses Firefox browser to access the ProZone.



You may use either shortcut to access the ProZone but due to persistent issues with Chrome recommend you begin using Firefox.

WHAT TO DO:    If you are having the issue launching applications in Chrome you can:

1)    Try the new ProZone FireFox shortcut.
2)    If you don’t have the shortcut, you can install Firefox
a.    If Firefox is not available on your workstation and you have admin rights you can download it at https://www.mozilla.org
b.    Once downloaded, navigate to https://login.procirrus.com/ and follow the Citrix installation prompts
3)    OR you can reach out to support and we can help either via another browser or with the Citrix Receiver application

QUESTIONS?    Please contact support@procirrus.com with any questions.

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