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Support coverage for the Labor Day 2019
Posted by Dan Shelton on Aug 28 08:06 AM
The ProCirrus support team will be enjoying the holiday weekend with their families. Our on-call support will be available for critical issues throughout the weekend. If you experience a critical support issue please request support through the ticket system at support.procirrus.com or via our answering service from our support line at 866.597.1775.
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We have received a warning from Citrix (ProZone Software) that users should not upgrade their Mac OS past version 10.14 – Mojave as the Catalina version (10.15) will disrupt the Citrix connectivity.  Mac upgrades (Apple iOS) are notoriously disruptive to 3rd party software and can take weeks to correct issues that arise. Unless there is a significant security vulnerability we do not recommend upgrading to the latest version of MAC OS until it has been validated by Citrix.
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New news is good news
Posted by Dan Shelton on Mar 19 07:34 AM
Hi All! We have no current news or scheduled maintenance windows in the near future. Thank you!
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Verizon SMS (Text Issue) 3/12/2019
Posted by Dan Shelton on Mar 12 07:43 AM
Verizon is reporting issues with delivering texts to East Coast customers.  Users with 2 Factor authentication based on text may have issues logging in.  If you have established a secondary method, you may use the "Problems with OTP" link when logging in to use that method.   If you have not established a secondary option (i.e. Google Authenticator) please reach out to support for help logging in.  We highly recommend having at least 2 multi-factor options for logging in.  The options
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Atlanta Data Center Maintenance
Posted by Dan Shelton on Mar 08 07:44 AM
Friday 3/8 , Saturday 3/9 and Sunday 3/10 after 7PM Eastern Time We will be performing major upgrades to our datacenter switches and firewalls in the Atlanta datacenter to enhance security and performance. ProCirrus maintains redundant systems for high availability in all network hardware and during this upgrade we will route all network traffic to redundant hardware while upgrading the primary hardware in the data center. We do not expect downtime for this work,
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