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Issue: Intermittent Email Sending RESOLVED
Posted by Dan Shelton on Oct 15 2020 05:39 AM
UPDATE 7:40 Per the vendor this issue has been resolved and all new email is flowing correctly. Previously queued email is being processed to be released by vendor. UPDATE 6:20  The SPAM vendor has identified the error that has been blocking some email and is updating their code to resolve 5:30AM PST 10/15/2020 Some users are noting that their outgoing email is not being delivered and we can see that some
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COVID 19 Related Ticket Volumes and Remote Access
Posted by Dan Shelton on Mar 16 2020 08:12 AM
Ticket Volumes As we expected, many firms have decided to disperse and work remotely. Due to this, we have seen a very large spike in tickets caused by users having issues at their remote locations and non-managed computers.  Though ProCirrus does not expressly support un-managed computers or environments (i.e. home), we are trying to help every user we can during this challenging event.  We are actively triaging support requests by criticality. So
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Regular Scheduled Maintenance
Posted by Dan Shelton on Feb 19 2020 07:19 AM
This is a reminder of our weekly server maintenance window that occurs every Friday at 11PM through 3AM Saturday morning (based on client server time zone.) This is a rolling update so most servers will be available during the majority of the maintenance window or may not require updates. HOWEVER If you are logged into a server during the update window you may be disconnected and lose any unsaved work without warning.
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Atlanta Data Center Power Issue - Resolved
Posted by Dan Shelton on Feb 18 2020 12:48 PM
2/18/2020 3:42 CST The power issue at the data center has been resolved and all Atlanta servers are coming back on line. We will be providing an after action report once we complete the investigation. At this time, there appears to have been a power surge anomaly that caused both the primary and secondary (redundant) power supply units for the server racks to trip their service breakers causing the temporary power disconnect.
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Atlanta Data Center Power Issue
Posted by Dan Shelton on Feb 18 2020 12:17 PM
2/18/2020 3:30 CST The data center is experiencing an unknown power issue that is causing issue with ProCirrus Services. We maintain multiple redundant power systems in all data centers and we expect this issue to correct quickly.  We will follow up with more information as it becomes available.
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