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Connect your iPhone/iPad to the ProZone
Posted by Bryan Walls, Last modified by Paul Spolar on Aug 07 2023 08:00 AM
Please follow the instructions below to add your ProZone desktop and applications to your iPhone or iPad. 
Note: The images are for an iPhone but the steps are the same. 

1-  Go to the App Store and install the “Citrix Workspace"

2-  Once downloaded, start the application.

3-  Tap the "Get Started" option. 


4- At the welcome screen click on the three dots in the upper right corner and then select “Manual Setup”.

5-  In the address field enter “login.procirrus.com” and then select “Web Interface”. Click “Save” in the upper right corner. (Don't enter email address here)

6-  Enter your ProZone credentials. 
      Note: If you have multi-factor enabled you will be prompted to enter your credentials with OTP as well. 


7-  Now all of your applications should be available on your device


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