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Billing and Payments
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on Jan 11 2021 02:57 PM

How to reach billing

You may reach billing in serveral ways:

  • Email - The best way to reach us is at [email protected]
  • Phone - You can reach billing by phone at 866.203.9649 x 2337
  • Fax - You can reach billing by fax at 360.719.1906
  • Support - You can create a support ticket at https://support.procirrus.com 

When does billing occur?

ProCirrus bills in arrears for services rendered during the previous month. For example, an October invoice would be for services used during September.  In some cases, like the procurement of hardware, ProCirrus bills in advance.   Invoices are sent via email to the billing contact on or about the first of the month and are due Net 15.

Invoices are sent by email only.

The appropriate billing contact will receive invoices and receipts of payment electronically.  The invoice email will include a link to the Intuit payment interface.

  1. You may download your invoice PDF for your records or to pay by check
  2. OR you may click the "View & Pay Invoice" button

View & Pay Invoice - Online Option

When you click the "View & Pay Online" button you will be taken to a secure web portal where you can view your invoice and pay by bank transfer.  To pay by a saved option, you will need to sign in.

  1. Sign In by clicking the link on the top right
  2. Click "Pay Now" to pay the invoice and you will be able to enter your payment information
  3. You can Print your invoice
  4. You can Save your invoice

Automatic payments - Place a card on file

You may place a card on file for automated payments.  We will send you an E-RECEIPT with a copy of your invoice as receipt of your payment.

To place a card on file you may:

  1. Request an authorization form from [email protected]
  2. Download and complete the attached form "procirrus authorization form.pdf" (at bottom of this article) and return it via one of the following options:
    1. Via this secure link: Click here to upload files.
    2. Or by fax to 360.719.1904

Changes to your billing

It is important to inform ProCirrus Support of user or software changes in a timely fashion to avoid unneeded services and billing.  
To add or remove users or software from specific users, the client administrator can simply create a ticket in the support system at https://support.procirrus.com  or by email [email protected] .  These tickets are processed within 24-48 hours.  Billing must be informed of billing discrepancies within 60 days of receipt of the disputed invoice.

Thank you for trusting ProCirrus Technologies with your IT needs.  Should you require any assistance or need further clarification on billing please contact [email protected].


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