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ProLaw - Saving Documents
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on Oct 26 2015 01:37 PM

 Saving a new document or a document that was opened outside of ProLaw

When saving a document that was not originally opened from ProLaw, Select "Save" or "Save As" from the document application.  This should open the ProLaw dialog box to allow you to reference specifics like the Matter ID when saving the document.


Using the "Save As Local" option will open the file explorer view and allow you to save the document in numerous places.

1) The folder should default to your default Documents location based on your user profile (see 1 below)

2) If not defaulted, you may select your account profile from the left navigation and save there (see 2 below)

3) Or if you need to, you can save the document in the Public drive. (see 3 below)




Saving a document that was opened from ProLaw

1) If the document was opened from ProLaw the "Save" option will save the file to the related matter folder on the ProLaw drive.  There will be no popups.

2) Using the "Save As" or "Save As Local" will open the file explorer screen shown below.  These options will default to the related matter folder on the ProLaw drive.

A) If you click save at the bottom the file will automatically save over the old version.  Be careful not to click another file in the directory as you can easily overwrite it.

B) If you want to save the file in another location you can select your User Profile (1) or Public Drive (2).   Once you click one of those areas you can proceed to save to the folders directly.




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