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Setting up Mobile Device Management - IOS (iPhone/iPad)
Posted by Dan Shelton, Last modified by Dan Shelton on May 09 2019 11:54 AM
Mobile device management (MDM) is a critical security measure to protect company data, like email, on mobile devices.  It is a common requirement of compliance policies and regulators.   Once enabled it ensures that company data is encrypted and protected by an additional passcode.    

NOTE:  If you have any other certifications (i.e. Intune) on your phone for managing email, you will need to uninstall them first.  You can see if you have them on your phone by navigating to Settings -> General and scroll down to Profiles & Device Management 

Setting up the Mobile Device Management on IOS is a bit of a chore and it is comprised of four major sections:

1) Installing the Citrix Secure Hub
2) Install XenMobile CA Certificate 
3) Installing the XenMobile Profile Service
4) Install the specific applications you wish to use - Secure Mail for example

Section 1 - Installing the Citrix Secure Hub

1 - Download the Citrix Secure Hub from the Apple App Store. 

2 - Open the Citrix Secure Hub App on your phone (after it installs)

3 -  When prompted, click Allow for notifications


4 - On the next screen enter mdm.procirrus.com and click next


5 - A Message will pop asking if you want to enroll. Select Yes, Enroll


6 - Enter your email credentials and click next


7 - After a few seconds you will be prompted to download a configuration profile.  Click Allow and proceed to next section Installing XenMobile Configuration 


Section 2 - Installing the XenMobile CA Cert

1 - Depending upon your IOS version you may receive one of two screens. 

     1a - IF you see the screen below, click Install and proceed to Step 9 in Section 3 - Installing the XenMobile Profile Service


     1b - IF you see the image below, you will need to install your certificate manually.  Click Close and proceed to Step 2 

2 -  On your phone, navigate to Settings -> General and scroll down to Profiles & Device Management 


3 - Click the XenMobile CA profile


4 -  Click Install 


5 - Enter your phone's passcode


6 -  Click Install for the root certificate


7 - Click DoneDon't worry about the Not Verified message it will verify in the next step.


8 - After clicking Done above, you will see the following where your cert has been Verified.  This completes this part of the cert creation.


Section 3 - Installing the XenMobile Profile Service

9 -Open the Safari Application and you will be prompted to Enroll Your iPhone.  Click Allow

10  -  On your phone, navigate to Settings -> General and scroll down to Profiles & Device Management 


11- Click the XenMobile Profile Service to open it. 


12- Click Install


12- Enter your phone's passcode


13- Select Install


14 - Click Install on top right. 

Note that neither your administrator or ProCirrus has access or will access any personal data.  All access is limited to company resources held with the Secure Hub Applications.  In the event of loss, you're phone could be wiped if directed by your firm administrator.  Please backup all personal content regularly. 


15-  Select Trust

Note: If you opt not to trust MDM on your personal device, you will not be able to access company email with the exception of your Outlook account from the ProZone. 

16 - Your profile should show installed

Section 4 - Installing the Secure Hub Applications

The Secure Hub has several applications to choose from.  At a minimum you will want to install Secure Mail so you can access your company email. 

1- After finishing step 16 above, open Safari and you will be directed to Secure Hub (or launch the Secure Hub app)

2- Log in with your normal ProZone credentials

3 - Create your Secure Hub Pin 

NOTE:  From time to time you will be prompted to use this pin.  Don't forget it.  For the most part you can access your mail by the phones security like thumbprint or facial recognition.

4 - You may be prompted for your location services options.  This is up to you.



5 -  The Secure Hub will automatically add the Secure Web App.  Click Install


6 - It may prompt you for your location options again as in Step 4 then prompt you regarding VPN.  Click Allow.


7- You will be prompted to add VPN - Do so.


8- It will now take you to your Apps Screen. Click on the top left Hamburger icon to open the options screen then choose Store

9-  In the future you may choose all the apps you like, but for now install the email client Secure Mail and Click ADD.



10 - After it installs, launch it on your phone and click Authorize.  



11- You will be prompted to log in with your credentials.  You may also set up how much mail you want sync'd locally. 


12 - A prompt may appear about not being available but this will self correct - just click OK


13 - The app will process then prompt for your push preference.


14- Then it will take you through a few set up options.  You can skip this or watch the demo.

You should be good to go!  Wasn't that easy :) 

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